Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

In accordance with the privacy law, Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, the Dental Board of Australia’s Code of Conduct for Registered Health Practitioners, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner- Australian Privacy Principles, a patient can expect their personal health and other information will be collected, used, disclosed and stored in accordance with relevant laws about privacy, and this information will remain confidential unless the law allows disclosure or the patient directs us to release the information.

The Privacy Policy of Smile in the City consists of the following:

  • All information collected from the patient will be used for the purpose of providing treatment. Personal information such as name, address and health insurance details will be used for the purpose of addressing accounts to the patient, as well as processing payments and writing to the patient about any issues affecting their treatment.
  • We may disclose a patient’s health information to other health care professionals, or require it from them if, in our judgement, it is necessary in the context of the patient’s treatment. In this event, disclosure of personal details will be minimised wherever possible.
  • We may also use parts of a patient’s health information for research purposes, in study groups or at seminars as this may provide benefit to other patients. Should that happen, a patient’s personal identity would not be disclosed without their consent to do so.
  • Patient history, treatment records, X-rays and any other material relevant to treatment will be kept and remain in a secure environment. We may destroy outdated medical records after 7 years.

Smile in the City’s Health Records Process

The practice has elected to use Exact to ensure that an accurate and integrated patient health record is documented and maintained. Patient health records include dental, medical and medications information.

This system ensures patient health records are readily available to dental practitioners and dental staff at the point of care (in the room where the patient is being treated). This system also allows for systematic review of the contents of a patient’s health record as an evidence-base when required.

Access to and dissemination of patient clinical information is restricted to authorised dental practitioners and staff, by:

  • Secure storage of files away from patient access
  • Locked filing units
  • Maintaining a key register for authorised personnel
  • Using Individual login details for electronic systems
  • Restricting access to the premises
  • Installing an alarm system to protect records
  • Ensuring electronic records are protected