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Preferred Provider of Major Health Funds

Preferred Provider

In recognition of our excellent dental care offered to patients, we are proud to be Medibank’s Members Choice Advantage provider, Bupa’s Members First Platinum provider, and a preferred provider of HCF, GMHBA, Australian Unity, Peoplecare, and other health funds.


If you are insured with one of the above health insurance provider, and you receive dental treatment at our clinic, this means:


  • You could have no out of pocket fees for consults, check up and cleans, dental x-rays, mouthguards, and fluoride treatments. (Please verify with your health insurance provider regarding eligibility)
  • You will have certainty on how much each item will cost you.
  • You receive the highest level of rebate applicable to your cover compared to visiting other non preferred dental clinics.


We also accept other health insurances.


Easy Claiming

For our patient’s convenience, we have adopted the HICAPS system.


HICAPS stands for the Health Industry Claims and Payments Service. It is an electronic health claims and payments system that allows Australians to claim private health insurance benefits when they make a payment for a health service.


Rather than having to submit an online claim, or lining up at your local health insurance provider’s branch to lodge your claim in person, with HICAPS, you can claim the benefits you’re entitled to instantly when you make a payment. You only have to pay any out of pocket costs not covered by your insurance provider.



  1.  Does being a preferred provider compromise on the level of care provided to patients?

The answer is no. We never compromise on the high quality dental care offered to patients. As a preferred provider, we are still subject to the high level of regulatory control and guidelines just like any other dental providers. In fact, we receive a significant amount of referrals from health insurance providers, and accordingly, we have minimal marketing costs compared to other dental clinics. We are able to then reinvest the savings in providing the best quality dental care to our patients. Click here to find out more.